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4th Grade Coloma Trip

This excellent educational opportunity is offered to all of our 4th grade families each year to support students understanding of the history of the State of California, a critical learning standard.  There is absolutely nothing like an old-fashioned hands-on constructivist approach to learning about our State’s history!

“The Coloma Outdoor Discovery School’s Gold Rush program is designed for fourth graders, and is correlated with the California Content Standards. Our intention is to celebrate the culture, music, and folklore of the California Gold Rush while using lessons of the past to awaken students’ interest and sense of responsibility for the environment.  At CODS, students live the Gold Rush: stories, songs, skits, and characterizations all help to convey the social and economic community of early Coloma. Students will walk in the footsteps of the 49ers and experience some of the challenges of surviving away from home.  All of the educational programs at the Outdoor School operate around the concept of respect: for nature, oneself, and others.”


When is this 4th grade educational opportunity taking place for my child?

This year’s 4th grade Coloma Outdoor Discovery Adventure, 2019, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13th – Friday, November 15th.


What is the cost of this program and how do the payments work?

The total cost for attending ALL 4th grade field trips (including Coloma) is $465 per child during the 2019-2020 school year.   An initial deposit of $310 was due by September 13th, 2019, with the 2nd payment of $155 due November 13th, 2019.  Please make checks out to ‘Miller Creek School District’ with your child’s name in the note section.  


Who is collecting money for this program?

Send all money to the front office.


Will there be an informational meeting to ask questions about this event?

Yes! On at our Back to School Night event on September 5th, our 4th grade team will hold an informational meeting. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise questions regarding lodging, activities, time, chaperones, overnight information, transportation, medication, safety, parent support, communication, etc.


Payment Options

  1. Check, Cash, or Money Order: Please make checks out to Miller Creek School District : Turn in to Tara in the front office.