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School Site Council

What are the School Site Council meeting dates/times for 2021-2022?

3:00pm - 4:-00pm on Oct. 2,  Nov. 30,  Mar. 1,  Apr. 12,  May 24

What is School Site Council?

This council is comprised of school employees, parents, and community members. The belief is people involved with schools and students on a day-to-day basis--that is, the teachers, parents and other school employees--can make some of the best decisions regarding school improvement. Therefore this group meets on a regular basis to discuss and make decisions about school improvement.

What are the Site Council's responsibilities?

The School Site Council is an elected group of teachers and parents who work with the principal to develop, review, evaluate academic, safety, and social-emotional programs. Part of the important work we do is to:

1. Develop, review, and evaluate the Single Plan for Student Achievement

2. Review and approve Site Safety Plan

3. Share ideas regarding school-wide improvements

4. Collaborates with all four schools to support our district's Local Control and Accountability Plan

How often does this team meet and where do they meet?

This team meets five times (see above).

How does one become a member of this team?

There is an election process. Each member elected serves two years on the council. When their term is up, a proper election ensues. This will be advertised in the weekly principal letter in the Spring. A one-paragraph bio is submitted to the principal by the interested party by the due date provided. Ballots are sent out to our parent community for a vote with a due date of return. The members with the highest vote count are elected to the team and announced to the public. In the late Spring they are introduced to the team!

Are meetings open to the public?

Yes, all meetings are open to the public and we welcome folks to stop by and share ideas and thoughts. Many of the changes that have occurred at MES were the result of guests coming in. However, non-members do not have a voice in voting or decisions. That is the will of the council.

The agenda for these meetings will be posted in the school newsletter and on this site. If you have any questions about School Site Council, please contact the Principal, Bjorn Remmers, or 415 492 3741