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Social-Emotional Learning



Thanks to Can Do!, Mary Silveira is fortunate to have a mindfulness program run through Seeds of Awareness. Our mindfulness teacher is named Salina Mae, and she will begin working with our TK-5 students beginning on January 16th.   

Benefits of Mindfulness: -Attention -Emotional Regulation -Self-reflection -Engagement -Compassion -Resilience

Benefits of Yoga: -Self-regulation -Body Awareness -Coordination -Concentration -Focus -Builds Confidence -Self-esteem -Self Love 

Mindful Schools Parent Resources 

Check out the videos called “Just Breathe” and “Healthy Habits of Mind” on the Mindful Schools Website. Scroll down once there and you’ll see them.


Life Skills

Silveira's Life Skill Program is an essential part of our students’ education. The guiding philosophy behind Life Skills is that children need to learn and practice positive character traits alongside their academic skills. Through repetition, discussions in the classrooms, assembly reinforcement, and morning announcements, it is our hope that students begin to embed them in their daily routines both at school and at home. At home, it is very much worth discussing with your children the specific life skill associated with each month. 

There is much evidence that character education not only helps children’s social development, but also helps with their academic success as well.

One of our most creative teachers, Lynda MacMillan, handcrafts Life Skill banners.  They hang in our MPR each month.

2019 - 2020 Life Skills

September: Community

October: Personal Best

November: Responsibility

December: Cooperation

January: Patience

February: Kindness

March: Honesty

April: Perseverance

May: Problem Solving

June: Confidence


In addition, MES teaches four character pillars on an ongoing basis: 

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be an Ally